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Leisure Resort Zone of Dafeng Port Zone

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    The width of Lake circle road is 4 meters, the length is 6 kilometers, it surrounds Sun Moon Lake , like the strong arms tightly guarded this Sun Moon Lake Jasper. 6 km long green road around the lake, various color rose bloom, more than 400 weeping willow stream charm, often can see groups of seabirds stops to rest. On the road carefully designed the ups and downs of the cycling track, every tourist festival, the road around the lake will road cycling race held, of the race drivers passion and roadside vivid scenery add radiance and beauty to each other, become a city of beautiful scenery line. Have said that the road of lake of the beauty is can't use words to describe the, only to go in person, to use feet to measure the vast, with eyes to witness the charm, with the heart to feel the serenity. Walking on the road around the lake, you will indulge in the freshness, linger......