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Harvest Land Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone

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    Harvest Land Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone, Jiangsu four-star tourist villages is Dafeng municipal Party committee, municipal government of Jiangsu coastal development to start the implementation of agricultural projects, is recognized by the government of Jiangsu Province, the first batch of Jiangsu Province modern agriculture industrial park, also in Jiangsu Province Science and technology department only in solonchak agriculture identified the second batch of Jiangsu Province modern agricultural science and technology park. Overall planning 500 thousand acres, of which 20 thousand acres of core area. Core areas to modern agricultural exhibition area, agricultural processing areas, modern agricultural logistics park, "the three major carriers" construction. Demonstration area from June 2008 has started construction, adhere to the Industrial Development Zone of the concept and mode of the construction of modern agricultural demonstration zone, according to the ideas of building the train of thought for the development of "leading the planning, infrastructure first, investment, project support and" a center, two big platform, the three major carriers ", give the city, vigorously promote the construction of the demonstration zone. At present, the construction of the park to take shape, existing Chang Feng gardening, three-dimensional flower gardening supermarket, Green Eco Park, aromatic color gardening, eating a new bacteria, agricultural human seedlings, Fumin agricultural and sideline products wholesale market, Sunqiao Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Museum 26 project started construction, a total investment of 960 million yuan, has completed investment of 4.6 billion yuan, 13 projects completed and put into production.