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Shi Naian Memorial Hall

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    Shi Nai'an memorial hall is located in Dafeng City Baiju Zhen Hua Jia duo Island, the imitation of the Qing Dynasty, "Shi ancestral hall" built, memorial hall architectural style differences alone, antique, before and after the three, to piandian, semi Ting surround connected. The museum featured "outlaws of the marsh" and other historical relics, display exhibition hall "Shi Nagato spectrum", "so reclusive Shi public epitaph", the Shi let shone "," Shi and epitaph "hundreds of precious cultural relics historical data. The collection was named national level cultural relics "Shi's book spectrum", "outlaws of the marsh" 200 multiple versions of the books, otherwise Fei, Qi Gong, Feng Qiyong, Jun Qing, Chen Lifu, Wu Qi, and other celebrities inscription, painting donated more than 3000 pieces.