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National Tidal Mud Flat Wetland Reserve of Dafeng District

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    Dafeng national seashore wetland park is located in Dafeng City, Sichuan Donggang southeast gate, covers an area of 1360 acres. The region has animal species diversity characteristics, species richness. Where a class of national key protected wild animals have elk, Red Crowned Crane, hooded crane, white sturgeon and other 14 species, the high degree of rare animals, the second class national key protection wild animal 66. Has the representative species distribution in the same latitude area, research on rare animal migration and have very high value. With the formation and development of coastal wetland, soil and vegetation succession experience regularly, the unique characteristics of vegetation landscape.
    Dafeng national seashore wetland park membership Dafeng Milu eco tourism zone, Dafeng City green yarn seashore wetland tourism development Co., Ltd. is the development and construction and management. Development projects make full use of Dafeng coastal wetland resources, combined with the milu deer park AAAA class tourist attractions location advantage and the sea wind farms unique landscape, built the unique characteristics of National Wetland Park.
    Dafeng national seashore wetland park project planning for a to entertainment, leisure, vacation, science as the main function, focusing on the Yellow Sea wetlands landscape protection of wetland ecological park. Construction projects in an orderly way, a phase of the project including the visitor center, the main gate of the scenic area, parking field, green yarn Wolong, Egret Lake, ancient salt, salt botanical garden, beach bath, catch crab dig for clams, typhoon experience area, habitat Yazhang, seawater vegetables base and so on. The two phase of the project including Wetland Museum, science museum, Cinema 4D, delicacy Fang and other ships. The three phase of the project is mainly to open up the East Sand adventure tour.