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Saline Land Park&Ocean Park

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    Jiangsu Dafeng Saline land marine science and Technology Industrial Park Planning and construction area of 1 million mu, which core area of 5000 acres, plans to a total investment of 10 billion yuan. Since August 16, 2010 the park started construction, closely around the "marine organisms, saline agriculture, blue Tour" the three major characteristics of the industry, efforts to build Dafeng blue economic growth pole. The park existing rich in tourism resources, have been completed 1.8 million square meters in China - Dafeng marine science and technology centers, 3 00000 square meters. Salt special efficient cultivation of vegetables base and 3 00000 square meters. Salt seedling propagation center.
    Chinese - Dafeng Marine Science and Technology Museum, a total investment of 200 million yuan, is divided into three layers. Since August 16, 2010 started construction, high starting point planning, high standard construction, high quality management, is committed to build China's first theme of the sea to the theme of the scene drama interactive experience. Science and Technology Museum, the face is the side 30 meters long, 4 meters high giant full-color LED large screen, play themes, videos of the sea - life source ". Take a layer of ocean floor. The main body is designed as a scientific expedition to dive into the sea. The four part consists of the sailing hall, the shortcut channel, the coastal landscape area and the 120 meter underwater sightseeing tunnel. Underwater sightseeing tunnel, including a small fish tank display area, three-dimensional aquarium, fluorescent painting experience area, fluorescent specimen display area, etc.. Two layers of science and Technology Museum is the five major marine biological industry exhibition area, including marine bio food, marine bio pharmaceutical, marine biomass new energy, marine bio chemical, and marine biological new materials. Through the booth, video, in kind, such as a full range, multi means to display.