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Ginkgo Lake Park

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    The national AA level scenic spots, with square, bridge, steel membrane structure and lighting landscape elements, realize the organic combination of natural landscape and urban atmosphere. Park with Ginkgo biloba as the theme, wave stage, open-air dance floor, viewing platform, lamp post square, children's world, frog sound ten, fireworks in September, reedy Lake amorous feelings, Huahai wheat and modern style bridge over 20 scenic spots for the citizens to relax and play; plant Ginkgo biloba, magnolia trees nearly 3000 plants, flowering shrubs, plants and so on more than 30 varieties of about 400 million lines. When these plants flourish, will be the formation of ups and downs, unrivaled scenery, spring bud green, summer leaves densely, autumn dyed gold leaf and branch in winter of the vigorous and ecological effects of landscape. At the same time, the use of the different combination of lights, supporting a considerable number of lighting facilities, through changes in the colorful lights, highlighting Park of fashion and vitality. Is a set of ornamental, functional, sightseeing in one of the open park.