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Doulong Farm

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    National agricultural tourism demonstration sites of fighting the Dragon manor located in Dafeng gate of Doulong port edge, covers an area of 125 acres, which water aquaculture 10000 acres, woodland 2000 acres, 500 acres of nursery stock base, initially formed highlights carp cultivation, domesticated deer, special breeding, flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables greenhouse, seafood, poultry, catering, yurts leisure as one of the AA class tourist resort base. The scenery of leisure farms return to nature, is higher than the natural, four seasons evergreen, verdant, the air fresh and natural, flowers, forest, rivers, pavilions add radiance and beauty to each other and back to the park's death in a real-world environment, to live for a long time in the hustle and bustle of city environment of contemporary people envy unceasingly.