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The Junction Monument for The Eighth Army and The New Fourth Army

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    In July 1940, the New Fourth Army was ordered to crossing the open Northern Jiangsu Anti Japanese base, after the yellow bridge and the Kuomintang in Jiangsu Province Chairman Han coercive army battle victory, invading North, Huang Kecheng five column of Eighth Route Army commander was from Huaihai region south, in the same year on October 10 in the lion's mouth Baiju military victory realignment, create the Huazhong Anti Japanese base, 1985, Dafeng County People's government only monument to commemorate the show. Former Defense Secretary General Zhang Aiping wrote the "Eighth Route Army, the New Fourth Army Baiju Town lion mouth point joining forces Memorial" name, and marshal Chen Yi's a junction of two armies poem Monument and so on, listed as heritage conservation units in Dafeng City. Baiju of the Eighth Route Army, the New Fourth Army realignment memorial hall is located in Baiju Zhen Shi Nai'an Memorial Hall on the eastern side, built in 2007, completed in 2008, the investment of 500 million yuan, construction area of 3000 square meters, has a display centers, audio-visual Museum, history museum, reception room and so on, facility is complete.