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Oriental Wetland Park&Oriental No.1 Innovative Industrial Park

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    Oriental Wetland Park, national AAA grade scenic spot, a creative, leisure and entertainment in one of the modern urban park, the main building to the fruit trees, trees, lakes, landscape, architecture, rockeries, fountains and water curtain movie, square park is public a taste of wetland wilderness, comprehension city culture and experience the perfect place for the ecological vitality. The entrance to the park is the children's Park, built in the ferris wheel, dragon slide, antique train, jumping and shaking the head flying chairs, city of terror, torrent Yong Jin, Ferris car, carousel, mini shuttle, pirate ship, bumper boats, control plane, carnivals and other entertainment facilities for children.
    Oriental No.1 Innovative industrial park is Dafeng city government’s first creative industrial projects and the first cultural and creative industrial park of Northern Jiangsu . Park outside in the beautiful oriental Wetland Park, covers an area of 15000 square meters, with a superior location, beautiful scenery, has now become in Dafeng City landmark, highlights and city new card. Park to the creative cluster support, in order to develop stronger cultural and creative industries as the train of thought, based on the Dafeng, radiation in North Jiangsu and the Yangtze River Delta, initially to form a growth triangle of the region's most characteristics of high-end, internationalization, specialization of cultural and creative industry base and industrial design service outsourcing base. The technique of expression of "plate, color, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting", carefully constructed "modern fashion, distinctive features, creative, the domestic first-class", showing one of the world's industrial areas and areas of life are new, extraordinary and special frontier and high-end products.