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Pear Tree Garden of Hengbei Village

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    Park core area, Dazhong town, Heng Bei Cun rich pear is known throughout the country, is one of the largest early pear production base, planting early pear 3800 acres, and through the cooperative platform registered the "deer" brand trademark. The products have gained pollution-free, green food, organic food certification, and for two consecutive years won the China International Agricultural Expo brand-name title. 2004 was the first batch of "Yancheng City ecological demonstration village, in 2005 was awarded the" Jiangsu Province ecological demonstration village ", in 2010 April passed the national ecological demonstration village planning review.
    Since the establishment of the ecological sightseeing garden, the characteristics of rural ecological, please Shanghai Planning and design department design the Zaosu pear ecological sightseeing garden planning, formed a "two axes, one heart, three area" of the function layout. Two: constant North Center Road and Hengtai center road landscape axis. As one in the village, the hotel catering entertainment center. Three: the eastern area ecological sightseeing area, living area, the middle western entertainment district. New village, farmhouse, fishing center, entertainment and leisure clubs, fruit picking manor, seedling breeding center, fruit display center, farmers fitness center, entertainment center is implementation of construction, is the tourists flying mood, leisure, experience the benefits of life.
    Address: Hengbei Village, Dazhong Town, Dafeng District.