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Liuzhuang Nunnery

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    Liuzhuang Nunnery of Dafeng City, the national 2A level scenic spots, located on the west side of south end of Zilin road of Liuzhuang Town, is a home real estate land donated by the new China the first Buddhist High Commissioner Henian lay, under the auspices of the celebrities of all parties in construction, with a total area of 11000 square meters, is Shanmen, king hall, jade, the main hall, Buddha Hall, dining hall, dormitory, Gao Henian Memorial (to be built) eight regions. At present, the hospital has become the country's famous female public land temple, incense, reputation. According to Liu Zhuang Town, the development of tourism, to build the west classical characteristics of the town building concept, the hospital in 1994 to restore the reconstruction, in 2007 the expansion, has a new look, normal opening.
    In recent years, The Nunnery has invested 12 million yuan, engineering and construction to complete demolition, the allocation of land, infrastructure, on the eastern side of the door of the Johor Bahru house and carriage house, recently will invest 800 million yuan "Gao Henian Memorial Museum building, follow-up will further increase investment, regional integration of the text of the tourism resources, improve the conditions of tourism facilities, enrich the connotation of scenic spots, tourism marketing, and continuously improve service quality and management level, in order to make a positive contribution to the development of tourism in our city.