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Shakespeare Town

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    Shakespeare town is located in Dafeng City District in the heart, town, the design to British style is modeled, reflected in the architectural style of the Shakespeare Birthplace Struve Town, unique charm. Rows of elegant architecture, color, style and different, each other, each detail highlights the traces of the European classical art, becoming a beautiful landscape of the Yellow Sea wetlands. Town Street outlets international exhibition area, street food, financial services area, West Street recreation area.
    15 outlets International Exhibition Center on European style Plaza, British style buildings and elegant decoration, agglomeration Prada, Versace, Gucci, Fendi, international brands, CK, U.SPOLO, guess and second and third line brands 35, 35 single Museum, three comprehensive museum and a Europe living museum.
    Address: Dafeng Port Town
    Transport: BRT Special Line