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Dafeng Port Zoo

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    Dafeng port red crowned cranes zoo, the national AAA scenic area and harbor Metro is located in the promoter region on the west side, covers an area of 120 acres, with a total investment of about 80 million yuan, by the famous American J&H International Design Group presided over the design. In accordance with the beauty of Sun Moon Lake in the West Bank waterfront built with wooden floor (40 meters long, 17 meters high), specimens show (area of 1200 square meters), rockery Waterfall (189 meters long and the peak value of 13.9 meters), Lan Shengting, flying platform, the Red Crowned Crane, homes, and other ten spots, Park Band tour trail next to Mao dense forests and open undulating grassy slope, and different levels of Joe irrigation flowers, the greenery scene with the lake add radiance and beauty to each other, Crane Dance trippingly and lakes.
    Address: Dafeng Port Town