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Attracting Overseas Intelligence Office of Dafeng City

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Function: Making Policy of Attracting Overseas Experts and students studying abroad to work or settle in Dafeng City; Responsible of International exchange and cooperation of Dafeng Human Resource&Social Security Bureau; In charge of management of Overseas Talents and Foreign Experts; Responsible of evaluating and awarding the Foreign Experts citywide; In charge of issuing permit to Foreign Experts who want to work in Dafeng City, in charge of authorizing overseas organizations rights to introduce foreign cultur&education professionals to work in Dafeng City and the qualification of Dafeng City Vocational and below schools to hire foreign intelligence; Building the service system of attracting overseas intelligence; Responsible of the leading group office of citywide going abroad training and related administrative functions according to the regulations.

Address: No.8 West Xingfu Street, Dafeng Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

Tel: 0515-83928831