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The cultural undertaking is Colorful, The county is the only one in Northern Jiangsu Province which is awarded "Jiangsu Public Culture Service System Model Zone". In 2012, There were over 30 well-organized cultural activities held in our city, and send a total of 2580 films for grass-roots people, 82 plays, and 3.8 million volumes of books, magazine and audio-visual product. in the city there is one arts performance group, cultural center, public library each, two museums, one music and dance troupe,12 cultural centers in town, 13 radio and television stations in town. There are competitive products in terms of artistic creation. 6 pieces of photography and dance have won the 10th Five-Star Award of jIangsu Province and one song “Dafeng, the beautiful and magic place” has won the “Five One Project” Award of the 8th Spiritual Civilization in Jiangsu Province. Educated youth screen culture base has been developed into provincial level. In 2012, the cultural industry’s added value has counted 3.5% for the total GDP, increased by 1.23%.Our city was realize the Cable Television "every household" in Yancheng and even northern region of Jiangsu, the city has 211,889 cable subscribers, in the current net there are 40 sets of cable television to transfer, 109 sets of digital television programs and 4 sets of FM radio programs, comprehensive coverage of television broadcasting is 100%. The city’s News Media Bureau has been awarded by the national Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and SARFT as the Model Unit of the national radio, film and television system.