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Dafeng Milu pear Briefing

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 Dazhong Town Hengbei Village total 4160 acres of arable land, the village existing mature pear area of ​​3800 mu, accounting for 93% of arable land is based on characteristics of the fruit industry based professional village. Relying on this advantage, in 2002 the village set up a "medium-sized town of Heng Kitamura pear Marketing Association" in 2004 to press the "four" called for further improvement of standards, to better carry out business services, on the basis of the original Marketing Association, for industrial and commercial registration, the establishment of Dafeng Milu pear production cooperatives. Since the inception of cooperatives, and constantly improve the operational mechanism, follow the "Democratic National Construction Association, the private, public benefits" principle, in accordance with the "four" farmer specialized cooperative organizations operating requirements through flexible means of breaking the organizational form of regional boundaries enhanced production cooperatives development activity, the development of cooperatives to improve production levels. Cooperatives based products as early as pear, cooperatives for farmers to provide five reunification services, namely: a unified fertilization, pest control unity, unified harvest, uniform packaging, uniform sales. Take the contract acquisition, the implementation of price and the secondary rebate.

Pear production in the early process of development, cooperatives and actively implement the brand strategy. 1999, to declare the success of the "elk" brand, "elk" brand pear consecutive second won the China International Agricultural Expo brand title; 1994 by China Green Food Development Center as green; June 2003. "elk "card issued by the European Union as early as pear organic food conversion certificate, becoming Yancheng focus specialized farmer cooperatives, provincial" four "demonstration farmer specialized cooperative economic organizations.