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Xiaohai Meat Ball

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Xiaohai premier Hong belly when the number of processing small sea DFH northbound Shao width master, according to him, he engaged in Hong belly processing more than 30 years history. Thirty years, who have been to a small sea of people, we must make a fragrant taste of his belly. The raw materials for the processing of fragrant pork belly, pig Niaopao; processing belly incense ingredients as green onion, monosodium glutamate, ginger, salt, starch, etc.; Hong belly machining process, "wash the meat - knife cut - preserved - and ingredients mix - load pig Niaopao - cooking - Hong belly. "

In recent years, Zhang Shaokuan passed  his craftsmanship without reservation to Zong Dehai of sping village. So that this gourmet technique can be extended.