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Xiaohai Spiced dried tofu

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Dried tofu has a Xiaohai five hundred years of history. According to legend, the Qing Dynasty, a small handicraft workshops in the sea, had been dried tofu processing small workshops.

Currently, a Xiaohai five most prestigious tea dry machining when the number of living in a Xiaohai bluestone Street west Luo and military masters, according to him, he has been engaged in tea dry machining decades of history. For decades, who have been to a Xiaohai of people, have a taste of tea he produced dry. In their hometowns, always forget to bring some dried tofu to the family to enjoy. When talking about how the processing of dried tofu, Luo master eloquent, he first talked about the investment of dried tofu, workshops, however 2-3000 yuan of total investment, small investment, quick returns, mainly the purchase refiner, small boilers , presses and other equipment. Tea, the raw material is dried beans, ingredients are star anise, Xiaokui, cloves, pepper, albino, soy sauce, sugar, color, monosodium glutamate, salt, etc.; Then Luo tea master has introduced five dry machining process: soy refiner - red halo preparation - tofu - processing repression - add ingredients to cook - dried tofu. Finally, Luo master say he would own five dried tofu to be registered, a brand, thus bigger and stronger Xiaohai of Xiaohai Spiced dried tofu.