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Fish Soup noodles

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Fish Soup noodles, Dafeng name for the point, from the Qing Emperor Qianlong thirty-three years (AD 1758), nearly 200 years of history, legend has it that an imperial palace chefs were driven out by the system. Making soup surface is very special, first sectional fish cleaning, without leaving residual blood. Boiling pot with lard to 80% gradually put the fish fry wok explosion, shortening picked up, not scorch. The fried fish plus eel bones or pig bones, river proudly thick soup, onion wine fishy, then fine sieve broth, add a little shrimp seed, you can make soup. Noodle spend white knife surface. So, looking soup flavor and taste.

Dafeng soup noodles, soup face cream soup, fresh and not greasy, thin and creamy pasta, especially delicious.

Surface and other types of soup noodles difference is that soup. The field is generally broth soup, chicken soup, shrimp soup, soup bones, etc., and Dafeng soup pasta soup the main raw material eel bones and carp. The eel bones clean wok, stir thoroughly with a little lard, then fried crisp carp and eel bone with wok boil. Subject to boiling soup, then changed to a small fire, slowly boiling ......

Dafeng soup surface only delicious, but also has good health effects that can run the spleen and stomach, intestinal tonic treatment. Regular consumption can be fit and healthy. This is because the surface in Dafeng soup soup, choose the wild carp, eel bones, bones and other raw materials, high protein, low in fat and rich in calcium activity and characteristics of various amino acids. After eating do not get angry, do not dry mouth, nutritious, pursued in keeping with contemporary human dietary regimen. People often "a bowl of soup noodles, better than the old birthday," said.