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Dafeng CaoYan Town ancient salt transport hub Sanctuary

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February 19, 2001, Cao Yan Town named by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government (Su Zheng Fa ¬ ¬ [2001] 31 number). The establishment of protected area administrative committee and is with a personal office in the protected areas. Use of brand, pioneering the development of the local economy, and promote the tourism industry thrive.

A salt uprising leader Zhang Shicheng weir uprising had grass-situ Arctic temple destroyed by one of the Japanese Ju, 2002 has been re-built Arctic temple covers an area of ​​20 acres, the first phase of the project to be at the acceptance stage, two phase of the project to be built;

Second, the Arctic temple as the axis, and gradually the museum, distribution center "Salt Pier", "Garam pond", "salt pier" and the construction of the core area and spread to the surrounding radiation;

Third, make conservation planning, to create atmosphere, playing the brand, year after year implementation;

Fourth, the proposed superiors continue to strengthen supervision, investigation and evaluation, energize, increase investment, and seek practical results.