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The First Qinhuai Lantern Festival Held in Dafeng Plum Blossom Park

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  On January 19th, the press conference of the 1st Qinhuai Meihua Bay New Year Lantern Festival and the 4th Meihua Bay Meihua Culture Festival in Dafeng was held in Yancheng. Yuan Guoping, chairman of the CPPCC Regional Committee, attended.

  It is reported that the first Qinhuai Meihua Bay Spring Lantern Festival will be lit in the Meihua Bay scenic spot on January 28th with the theme of "Elk Hometown, Dafeng in Painting". There are three exhibition areas with 43 light groups, which will last until March 31.

  The Lantern Festival is the first time that the Qinhuai lanterns are displayed in Meihua Bay. It will be lit with the 33rd Qinhuai Lantern Festival in Nanjing, China. During this period, the Dafeng Meihua Bay lantern group will also appear in the Qinhuai lantern festival. Meihua Bay New Year Lantern Festival has set up three major sections: Meikai Wufu Yujian Yingchun, Wetland Capital Eco-Dafeng and Happy Time Fantastic New Year. During the festival, dozens of cultural activities will be held, such as Meihua Bay Lantern Festival Cultural Exhibition, Lighting Garden, River Lantern Prayer, Folk Custom Experience and so on. Through this traditional handicraft, a festival of warmth, festivity and harmony will be created. Celebration atmosphere, add a strong flavor of the year.

  Jiang Bo, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, participated in the event.