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District Party Secretary Xue Shengtang Meets Canadian Solar Group Chairman Qu Xiaohua

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  On January 22nd, Xue Shengtang, Secretary of the District Committee, met with Qu Xiaobao, Chairman and President of Atlas Sunshine Power Group. The two sides held talks and exchanges on further accelerate the construction of the project. District Mayor Song Yong met together.

  Atlas 3 Gigawatt photovoltaic module project, which is located in Dafeng economic development zone, is invested and constructed by Atlas Sunshine Power Group. The total investment of the project is 1.5 billion yuan. Sixteen high-efficiency solar module production lines with world leading level are planned and constructed. At present, the main project of the first phase of the plant has been completed, supporting facilities are being improved, and four production lines have begun trial production. By the end of December last year, Atlas had invoiced sales of about 230 million yuan, of which about 33 million dollars were exported.

  Xue Shengtang said during the meeting that Atlas Sunshine Power Group, as a leading photovoltaic integrated enterprise in the world, has a leading technology in solar energy products, a wide range of domestic and international markets, and a very strong enterprise strength. Since its establishment in Dafeng, the Atlas 3 Gigawatt photovoltaic module project has shown a good development trend. It has the characteristics of large scale, strong innovation ability and broad development prospects. It has effectively promoted the development of Dafeng emerging industries. Xue Shengtang hopes Atlas will make full use of the abundant resources, policies, location and other advantages, actively play the leading industry advantages of leading enterprises, continue to increase investment, actively plan new projects, continuously extend the industrial chain, build leading international and domestic industrial demonstration bases, and promote pragmatic cooperation between the two sides to a new level. He also said that Dafeng region will continue to create a good environment and provide high-quality services, so that Atlas'development in Dafeng will have a better environment, better prospects and better benefits, and strive to achieve win-win development for both sides.

  Qu Xiaobao highly appraised the investment environment of Dafeng and expressed his gratitude for the support and help the project received in its promotion. He said that Dafeng has strong comparative advantages in industrial base, transportation location, ecological environment and other aspects, and is very optimistic about the development of investment in Dafeng. In the next step, Dafeng will be the focus of development layout. While accelerating the construction of existing projects, photovoltaic upstream and downstream enterprises will be actively promoted to flourish, expand the scope and depth of cooperation between the two sides, and make positive contributions to local economic and social development while achieving good development of enterprises.

  District leaders Guo Chao and Zhao Xiaoqing attended the meeting.