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36 Families of Wanying Town Move Into New Residential District

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  On January 10th, Wanying Town launched a lottery campaign in Yimin Kangju project. Under the witness of the Town People's Congress, Discipline Supervision, Justice, Finance, Village Construction, Land, Radio and Television and other departments, the first batch of 36 households selected their satisfactory new houses by lottery.

  Since May last year, the town has scientifically worked out the construction plan for the centralized residential areas of the well-off housing project in Yimin District, effectively solved the problems of the demolition and reconstruction of dangerous old houses in the countryside, improved the living environment in the countryside, and built beautiful and livable countryside. This town Yimin Kangju project is located on the east side of Zhengyang Road (226 Provincial Highway) and the north side of Erzhonggou (Water Company). The first phase of the project starts at 50 mu, mainly with double-pool villas (second floor). Those who meet the building conditions will be subsidized according to the relevant provisions of the state after the completion and acceptance of the building, and the standard of subsidies will be raised for the construction of archives and cards for households with difficulties. The town's responsible person said that the next step would be to start public facilities bidding, accelerate the pace of infrastructure construction, continue to increase publicity efforts, implement higher-level incentive policies and measures, urge relevant departments to provide high-quality and fast services, handle various formalities and certificates in time, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of residents according to law.