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Dafeng Organizes to Watch Provincial TV&Telephone Meeting

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  On January 11th, the provincial government convened a special clean-up and renovation campaign teleconference, conveying the new deployment and requirements of the study center, informing the progress of the implementation of special operations in Jiangsu province, and redeploy and promote the development of special operations.Dafeng district sets up a branch to listen and watch, and District Mayor Song Yong attended and spoke.

  The meeting pointed out that carrying out the special clean-up and renovation action on the issue of "greenhouses" is an important decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Departments at all levels should resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, accurately grasp the new requirements of the Central Committee for deployment, comprehensively implement the deployment arrangements of provincial Party committees and provincial governments, with clear banners, firm attitude and sustained efforts, and make every effort to solve the problem of " Special clean up and rectify this hard battle to ensure that the bottom line of farmland surname is not touched. The Central Committee has made it clear that the clean-up and rectification work must be completed in an all-round way by the end of March this year. Departments at all levels should strictly check the requirements, reverse the schedule, dig deep and investigate the problems carefully, resolutely rectify them in place, strictly check and accept them, and ensure that all violations are eliminated before the end of special operations. Cleaning up and renovating "greenhouses" involves a wide range of issues, with strong policy nature and high social sensitivity. Departments at all levels should fully recognize the complexity and arduousness of this work, implement territorial and departmental responsibilities, properly define legal boundaries and policy provisions, strengthen publicity, guidance and supervision and accountability, and ensure that the task of cleaning and renovation is completed on time, in good quality and in good quantity.

  On the implementation of the spirit of the conference, Song Yong stressed that we should improve our position and attach great importance to special rectification actions. We should strengthen the "Four Consciousnesses" and resolutely implement the requirements of the central and provincial Party committees and provincial governments in their deployment. We should overcome the mentality of fluke, fear of difficulties, formalism and bureaucracy, and conscientiously and firmly rectify them. Actually, we should make efforts to rectify the situation. Carpet-type pull-net survey, leaving no blanks, blind areas and gaps, to find out the bottom number. Real change, fast change, real change and rapid change, while checking and improving, and eliminating new construction. Looking back on the overall rectification, we can see that the progress of rectification is accelerating. Strictly control the demolition and reclamation acceptance checks, the completion of sales numbers, follow-up inspection, to prevent the rebound of tide. Strict responsibility to ensure that all issues are cleared. Establish special teams to strengthen guidance and supervision. Compact territorial responsibility, the principal responsible person should personally deploy, implement, up and down linkage, concerted efforts to ensure effectiveness.

  District leader Wei Guo participated.