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Goldwind Tech Company Becomes Provincial Leading Innovative Enterprise

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  Recently, Jiangsu Province Academy of Science&Technology Development and Strategy Research and Jiangsu Province Science&Technology Intelligence Research Institute Publish 2017 Top 100 Innovative Enterprises of Jiangsu Province. 64 from southern Jiangsu, 23 from central Jiangsu and 13 from northern Jiangsu make into the list, Jiangsu Goldwind Tech Company ranks No. 43 in the list and No.1 in Yancheng Region.

  The 100 innovative enterprises list released this time have four distinct characteristics: one is the ability of self-innovation. The R&D expenditure of the Top 100 innovative enterprises accounted for 4.9% of the sales revenue, 17.8% of the R&D personnel on total workforce, 61.7% of the sales revenue of new products on sales of all products, 4.6 times, 3.2 times and 3 times of the industrial enterprises above the scale respectively; 92% of the enterprises were high-tech enterprises or core subsidiaries were high-tech enterprises. All enterprises have R&D facilities, all have their own intellectual property rights. Two, the economic benefits of enterprises are good. In 2017, the top 100 innovative enterprises achieved sales revenue of 444.39 billion yuan, realized profits and taxes of 66.55 billion yuan, the average sales profit and tax rate reached 15%, 4.2 percentage points higher than above the scale industries. Among them, there are 11 over 100 billion yuan, 24 over 5 billion yuan, and 73over 1 billion yuan. The third aspect is the industry's influence. Among the top 100 innovative enterprises, 15 are listed in the national innovative (pilot) enterprises, 50 are listed in the provincial innovative leading enterprises list, 29 have won the national or provincial science and technology progress awards, and have a strong influence and driving force in the industry. The fourth aspect is high level of innovation management. Top 100 innovative enterprises have generally established a modern corporate governance system and relatively perfect corporate governance structure, quality certified system, intellectual property rights and brand management system, attaching importance to the introduction and training of high-end scientific and technological personnel, with a total of 228 high-end personnel, such as the "1000-person plan" and the "dual-venture talent plan" of the province. There are on average 4.54 famous brand products for each enterprise.

  Since its establishment, Jiangsu Goldwind Tech Co., Ltd. has been awarded the honors of National High-tech Enterprises, Jiangsu Innovative Enterprises, Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprises, Jiangsu High-Growth Enterprises, Yancheng Top 100 Industrial Enterprises, Yancheng Key Enterprises of National Marine Wind Power Equipment High-tech Industrialization Base and so on. The R&D team of the company was awarded to the title of Jiangsu “Shuangchuang” team in 2016, and the "Golden Wind Technology Wind Power Experimental Center Construction Project" was included in the 2015 national energy independent innovation and energy equipment project list.