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The Largest Domestic Single Bonded Warehouse Approved to Be Built in Dafen

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  Recently, according to Dafeng Office of Yancheng Custom, Public-Type Bonded Warehouse initiated by Dafeng YingMao Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. is officially approved by Nanjing Custom, this is the first approved Bonded Warehouse (Silo), it is also the fourth approved public type bonded warehouse by Dafeng Enterprises.

  The public-type bonded warehouse is operated by an independent enterprise legal person within the territory of China, which operates warehousing business and provides bonded warehousing services to the public. It is reported that the Dafeng YingMao public bonded warehouse is upgraded from the previous sugar storage project, the main body of the project is a silo, with a total investment of nearly 300 million yuan, a single silo diameter of 88 meters, a total height of 62 meters, storage capacity about 200,000 tons, is the largest in China, the world's second largest single warehouse project.

  The four bonded warehouses in Dafeng Port have different structures. Chentai Logistics is a warehouse, Taifeng Logistics is a yard, Huihuang is an oil tank. Dafeng Yingmao Bonded Warehouse is the fourth bonded warehouse approved located in our district. The bonded warehouses with different structures meet the needs of different industries for different kinds of goods. In addition to these four bonded warehouses, Dafeng Port also has Yancheng's first bonded logistics center, which is operational now. As an extension of the port functions, the construction and operation of these bonded sites play an active role in improving Dafeng Port's collection and distribution system, optimizing the open platform, optimizing the investment environment, accelerating the development of port-vicinity industrial agglomeration, and providing a new impetus for the export-oriented economic development of Dafeng District.