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8.42 patents for 10,000 person in Dafeng District

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  Currently, according to District Intellectual Property Bureau, by the end of June, Dafeng District has realized 369 patents application, 8 PCT applications, 47 invention patents authorizations. The 10 thousand people effective invention patents ownership reach 8.42 pieces.

  It is understood that the amount of invention patents owned by 10,000 people refers to the number of invention patents authorized by intellectual property administrative bureaus at home and abroad and within the validity period. It is a comprehensive index to measure the quality of scientific research output and the level of market application in a region. Since this year, the District Intellectual Property Bureau has stepped up its intellectual property protection work and deepened its efforts to provide intellectual property related services to enterprises. In view of the specific situation of enterprises, we adopt the methods of "one enterprise, one training", "one enterprise, one policy" and "common centralization" to provide peer-to-peer and face-to-face counseling and services; we also try to get detailed patents information from enterprises and provide door-to-door tracking services for enterprises intending to declare high-level project, we are trying to tap the source of invention patents and realize the steady number of patents growth with full force.