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Dream Maze Becomes First Batch Sports Service Complex of Jiangsu Province

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    Currently, the Provincial Sports Bureau announced the first batch of 14 sports service complex list, my area of labyrinth project identification.
    The sports service complex is a sports industry agglomeration area and urban functional area, which is based on large and medium-sized sports facilities, highlights the main function of sports service and integrates health, tourism, culture, leisure and Commerce and other services. In the first 3 years of the "13th Five-Year", the provincial government needs to build 2-3 sports service complexes in every district and city, and promote the formation of a group of sports service complexes with demonstration effects in the whole province. By 2025, more than 100 sports services complex will be completed to realize the full coverage of the province, city and county in three levels, and complete facilities and functions in the whole country. A comprehensive sports service complex network system with operational innovation and service leading.
    The dream labyrinth at Cao Yan town is a comprehensive labyrinth park that integrates parent child experience, leisure intelligence, athletic entertainment and research education. Since the end of September last year completed trial operation, a total of 152 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 13 million yuan. During the Spring Festival this year, the restaurants and restaurants in the scenic area were running at full load, and realized the tourism revenue of 3 million 600 thousand yuan.