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CPC Dafeng District Committee Held Conference To Propagandize the Spirit of NPR and CPPCC

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    In the afternoon of March 23rd, the District Committee held a meeting of leading cadres in the region to convey the spirit of the important speech of the general secretary of Xi Jinping in the "two sessions" and the spirit of the national "two meetings" during the period of the national "two meetings". Wang Rong, Secretary of the Municipal Committee and District Committee, presided at the meeting. He stressed that it is necessary to further study and comprehend the important speech spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping on the "two meetings" in the country, further strengthen the "Four Consciousness", strengthen the "four confidence", resolutely safeguard the core of the Party Central Committee of general secretary Xi Jinping and the core status of the whole party, and resolutely safeguard the central authority of the party at the core of Comrade Xi Jinping and the central authority of the party. Centralized and unified leadership. We should adhere to Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm the mind, guide practice and promote work, with higher standards, greater efforts and more practical measures to better promote the development of Dafeng and high quality. Song Yong, the representative of the National People's Congress and district governor, conveyed the main spirit of the "two sessions". Fan Dayu, the director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, Yuan Guoping, the chairman of the CPPCC and Chen Xiangzhen, the Deputy Secretary of the District Committee.
    Wang Rong pointed out that this year's national "two conferences" were the first national "two sessions" after the nineteen Party's major. It was a historic event of full implementation of the nineteen year of the party's opening of the spirit. Through legal procedures, the party's ideas became the will of the state, and the party's strategy was spread out as the practice of the reform and the party's goals were cast in The struggle of millions of people is striding forward towards the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In an important speech at the closing session of the thirteen National People's Congress, general secretary Xi Jinping encouraged the staff of the state organs to put the people in the highest position in their hearts and always serve the people wholeheartedly, and always work hard for the interests and happiness of the people. The clear idea of ruling and profound people's feelings have greatly encouraged hundreds of millions of people to take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and strive to achieve a strong confidence in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. During the "two sessions", the general secretary of Xi Jinping issued a series of important speeches from the overall and strategic level. It is not only a clear directive for the development of the world, but also a task deployment to the overall development of the whole country. The nineteen great spirit of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's spirit in the new era of Xi Jinping's new era are deeply studied and carried out. It has great guiding significance for us to do well in all work.
    Wang Rongqiang, we should combine the study of the spirit of the "two meetings" and the latest requirements of the general secretary of the country, carefully examine the development of Dafeng, keep a sober mind, keep the strong problem oriented, and better promote the development of Dafeng's high quality. We need to further study and comprehend deeply. We should quickly start and implement the spirit of Xi Jinping's general secretary's keynote speech and the spirit of the "two sessions" in China. We should improve development stations, improve working standards, reinforce weaknesses and ensure that decisions of central and provincial governments are effective at Dafeng. We must push ahead with the construction of new Dafeng in the new era. With higher standards, greater strength and more practical measures, new actions are shown in promoting high quality development, new steps are taken in deepening reform and opening up, and new breakthroughs are achieved in improving the well-being of the people's livelihood. We should always adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the party. Put the party's political construction in the first place, firmly set up a correct view of political achievements, hammered the perfect work style, meet the new requirements of the national "two meetings", close the practice closely, and fully implement the "nail nail" spirit, and ensure the implementation of the national "two sessions" spirit into various work. To be a not to pay close attention to the current work realistically. To highlight the first season, we should organize economic work. Around the Regional Committee plenary meeting and the "two sessions" deployment arrangement, we should eliminate time nodes and implement them one by one. We must unremittingly do well in attracting investment projects and cultivate more new economic growth points. Organize relevant work to Promote Rural Revitalization Strategy, adjust industrial structure and increase farmers' income. We should carry out the new development concept and vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization. We must strengthen the party's construction and style building so as to provide strong guarantee for every work goal.
    Song Yong conveyed the main spirit of the "two meetings" in the country. He said that during the meeting, the representatives of the 9 National People's Congress in Yancheng City, with full political enthusiasm, conscientiously fulfilled the rights and obligations given by the Constitution and the law, talked about politics, the overall situation, the major events and the voice of the people, and completed the various tasks of the general assembly. He pointed out that we should study and implement a series of important spirit of speech issued by general secretary Xi Jinping during the "two sessions" throughout the country, conscientiously implement all the resolutions adopted by the conference, according to the requirements of the provincial and provincial committee, and develop "three new directions" based on the development of Dafeng, and carry out the "six strategic priorities" in depth. High quality is the forefront of development.
    There are four sets of leaders in the District, the president of the district court, the procurator general of the district Procuratorate, the district discipline Commission and the all responsible comrades of the supervisory committee, and the heads of the towns, the districts (Gardens) and the relevant departments.