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National Wheat Disease Prevention New Drug New Technology Seminar Held In Dafeng

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    On March 22nd, the seminar on new technology of new agents for wheat disease control was held in our district. Kang Zhensheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and a famous wheat disease expert, and the president of the China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association, Chen Shengdou, and other industry "grand CAFA" jointly offer suggestions for the production of food safety. Chen Xiangzhen, deputy secretary of the District Committee, attended the event and delivered a speech.
    The seminar was hosted by China Agricultural Technology Extension Association, China pesticide development and Application Association, and Jiangsu Huifeng biological agriculture Limited by Share Ltd. Chen Xiangzhen briefly introduced the economic and social development of Dafeng in his speech. She said that in recent years, our district has focused on promoting the main line of agricultural supply side structural reform, highlighting the increasing income of the rich people, adjusting the structure, changing the way, making up the short board and creating the characteristics. In 2017, the total agricultural output value was 17 billion 323 million yuan, the agricultural added value was 8 billion 385 million yuan, and the per capita income of rural residents could reach 21202 yuan. She wants all the experts to care for Dafeng agriculture as always, and let more advanced experience and advanced technology take fruit and root in Dafeng to lead the development of modern agriculture in Dafeng. Contribution.
    At the seminar, relevant experts made academic reports, and Huifeng shares were displayed as new products.