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Dafeng District Helps Service Industry With Real Policies

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    In recent years, our region issued the opinions of promoting the development of modern service industry, to develop new formats, new models, the promotion of producer services to the professional, high-end extension, move forward to the fine, the quality of life of service, "gold and silver" boost the development of service industry.
    The settled projects enjoy all preferential policies in the open area and provincial economic development zones, as well as preferential policies for Jiangsu coastal development and Jiangsu provincial government to support the revitalization of Northern Jiangsu Province. The district finance has set up special guidance funds for the development of service industry in the service industry every year to support the development of service industry. At the same time, we should actively strive for the support of the state and provincial service industry to support the construction of the service industry. The scientists built studio, enterprise experts building, talent apartment and other facilities, and all kinds of talents to foreign investors issued "VIP card" talent green card ", so that they enjoy housing, health care, transportation, schooling of children and other treatment, on top of the world, the country's top leader in innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent (team) give 10 million yuan to 20 million yuan subsidy, the domestic first-class, industry-leading innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent (team) to give 1 million yuan to 3 million 500 thousand yuan subsidy. The implementation of these measures will promote the better and faster development of the service industry in our district.