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Foreign Trade Across Dafeng District Maintains High Growth Against Unfavorable Factors

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    The total value of imports and exports was $1 billion 613 million in the month of 1-10, up 31.6% from the same period.
    The price of raw materials is greatly fluctuated, the employment is difficult, and the financing is difficult... In the current development of foreign trade in the face of a series of unfavorable factors in the background, I zone foreign trade import and export growth trend, steady progress in the present situation, to produce a beautiful transcript. According to the statistics of Commerce Bureau and customs, from 2017 to October, the total value of foreign trade and import and export in the region was 1 billion 613 million US dollars, up 31.6% from the same period last year, including 881 million US dollars in exports, an increase of 33.1%, and imports of 732 million US dollars, an increase of 29.8%. Foreign trade import and export, import and export of three indicators bucked the trend and comprehensive growth, is expected to complete the Yancheng City government issued a $1 billion 720 million annual import and export tasks before the end of November.
    This year, our region to seriously implement the "trackers" spirit and "waiter" spirit, and actively introduce incentive policies to support the development of related businesses, leading more enterprises into the international economic arena "". On the one hand I increase the focus on the enterprise tracking service efforts, in-depth analysis of key industries, key enterprises and key products export trends, guide and optimize the structure of export products more enterprises, improve the high-tech products and high value-added export products, greatly enhance the market competitiveness. We can promote the export of other enterprises and promote the development of foreign trade in the whole region by carrying out a number of regulatory, growth and potential export enterprises. On the other hand, our region also accelerated the construction of cross-border e-commerce e-commerce platform in Sino Korean cross-border electricity industry park, expanding cross-border e-commerce sales channels for businesses, and supporting stable growth in the region's trade.