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Caomiao Town Becomes National Community Education Demonstration Town

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    Good news came from November 23rd, the national Ministry of education, Cao Miao Zhen by Ministry of vocational education and adult education Chinese Association in recognition of national community education demonstration towns. At the same time, the town community education center led by community education platform, Luming shangxuetang was commended as a national brand of lifelong learning.
    In recent years, the town has classified community education as an important starting point to boost economic development and promote social harmony. Pei Qipei's strong community education organization leadership system and teaching staff have strongly promoted the development of community adult education to grassroots rural enterprises. And relying on the unique brand advantage of the deer park area, founded shangxuetang and Luming grass Temple two yuan learning community adult education platform, the establishment of "project Town, enriching the industry, rural services" concept, to adult education and training as the starting point, focus on improving education, enhance the skills of workers resident Title, the training of new farmers the focus of work in the field, Hope Town Park set up demonstration base "three rural" test QQ farm, has introduced the anti seasonal vegetable varieties of 20, the implementation of the new technology 10, cultivation technology demonstration households 20, published 1500 volumes of school-based teaching materials, training materials, tens of thousands of copies issued. Culture, technology and farmers will be trained. More than 350 people will cultivate more than 160 senior inspectors, analysts, computer operators, 320 primary chemical control workers, and help residents improve their educational level 818 people.