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Dafeng Service Industry Investment Promotion Conference Held in Beijing

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    On November 23rd, our district held a "2017 Jiangsu Dafeng (Beijing) service industry promotion conference in Beijing. There are 17 centrally signed projects, and the total investment of the agreement is 6 billion 280 million yuan. Song Yong, the governor of the District, gave a speech.
    At the meeting, Song Yong, on behalf of the District Committee and the district government, welcomed the guests attending the event and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Dafeng. He pointed out that Jiangsu is the largest, Jiangsu Dafeng coastal city only in Yangtze River Delta region, is a national "The Belt and Road" strategy, an important fulcrum of the coastal economic zone in Jiangsu province. Dafeng has a beautiful ecological environment, convenient commuter conditions, good industrial base, and high efficiency in business service. With two national nature reserves, the number of elk, the wild population and the gene bank are the first in the world, and the area of the beach is the largest in the country. Dafeng is 20 minutes from Yencheng Nanyang Airport, and it will be formally integrated into the one hour economic circle in Shanghai and 4 hours to Beijing. The state one type of opening port - Dafeng port is the only large channel in the middle of Jiangsu, has 19 thousand ton berths, and many international routes are opened. New emerging industries such as new energy, marine biology, intelligence and other industries are developing vigorously, and modern services such as modern logistics, eco-tourism, health care, etc. are developing rapidly. Dafeng is the pilot of the relatively centralized administrative licensing reform in the country and the first demonstration unit of administrative service standardization in China. It is implemented immediately, online, once or not, so as to smooth the green channel for the development of enterprises.
    Song Yong said that the service industry is the "propeller" of the transformation and upgrading, the incubator for the growth of new kinetic energy, and it is also an important grasp of the new development concept. In recent years, our region has vigorously promoted the speed raising plan for the service industry, and issued the implementation opinions for promoting the development of modern service industry. Every year, we set up 100 million yuan special fund, giving support to people in the planning, personnel introduction and other aspects. Beijing information flow, capital flow and talent flow are highly concentrated. We invite you to visit, business enterprise homemade Dafeng tourism, then the vision, and seek common development. It is hoped that the two parties will carefully organize and cooperate closely, and urge the project to be put into operation at an early date, and to inject new kinetic energy into the development of Dafeng service industry. Tian Chuanzhao, chairman of Beijing Boya Cube Technology Ltd and general manager of Beijing Air China Unicom Aviation Co., Ltd., spoke at the conference, giving warm compliments to Dafeng's superior investment environment.
    During the event, Song Yong visited the Sany Limited by Share Ltd, the Beijing Tongren Tang Wangfujing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and met some of the merchants.
    Dong Yi, Zhu Guodong and Qianjiang were led by the leaders of the district.