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Breaking Earth Ceremonies for Major Projects

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    In October 28th, our region held major projects centralized starting activities. Wang Rong, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the district Party committee, participated in the activities of Yuan Guoping, chairman of the CPPCC National committee. The same day, a number of major projects Artes 3GW PV module project, elk town project, Jie Ling silk seaweed fiber project, moon seaweed polysaccharide project focused on the completion of a new round of development, the region added strong power.
    The development of strong and strategic emerging industries is an important starting point for deepening the supply side structural reform in our region. The same day, Artes 3GW PV project is located in Economic Development Zone officially started. The project total investment of about 1 billion 480 million yuan, the photovoltaic integration enterprise Artes sunshine Power Group investment in the construction of the world's leading. After the completion of the project, the assembly capacity will reach 3GW, annual sales of over 6 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 200 million yuan, plans to put into production next April. Wang Rong congratulated the district Party committee and the local government on starting the project. He pointed out that at present, the whole region is seriously learning, publicizing and implementing the party's nineteen major spirits, major projects focused on the completion of the activities, is the implementation of the party's nineteen major spirit of concrete action. Artes sunshine power group in the field of photovoltaic energy to make a lot of contributions and nations in the world, the whole region to learn the spirit of development artix, leading the pursuit, the pursuit of excellence, create new brilliance for the realization of the dream "China Dafeng chapter". In recent years, the whole region to seriously implement the new concept of development, firmly establish the "work for the first project, the king, the livelihood of the people" concept, in major projects, attracting construction, services, and continuously made new progress. Wang Rong, the District Economic Development Zone, the relevant departments should increase the strength of the enterprise service as in the past, to improve the efficiency of service enterprises, the real spirit of "waiter" spirit, to create a good business environment. He hoped that more effectively organize the implementation of the project can be expected, and related projects can be more artix earlier settled in Dafeng, add more vitality to the development of strategic emerging industries.
    A series of major project outline of Dafeng port striving to develop self-confidence in the vanguard of coastal development. In the morning, the annual output of 2000 tons of seaweed fiber project officially started, the moon's annual output of 6000 tons of seaweed polysaccharide project was officially completed, our marine biological strategic emerging industries have made new breakthroughs. These two projects are invested by the Qingdao's moon seaweed group, the world's largest seaweed bio product company. Clean silk seaweed fiber project total investment of 300 million yuan, after the completion of the project, will become the only high-end algae polysaccharide medical dressing production technology innovation enterprise, to fill the gap in the country, is expected to add sales of 400 million yuan, profits and taxes of 100 million yuan. Moon seaweed polysaccharide project total investment of 600 million yuan, products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions, new sales revenue of 800 million yuan, profits and taxes of 250 million yuan. Wang Rong pointed out at the project site, the whole region should earnestly study and implement the spirit of the party's nineteen, roll up your sleeves and go, do not forget the early heart, remember our mission. This year is to fully implement the spirit of the party's nineteen important year, to focus and do our best, comprehensive exceeding the objectives of this mission; this is to determine the district government "major breakthrough in the project, to breath cohesion, strive for more new more breakthroughs in major projects; to determine this year is also the provincial the government's function of" 1+3 "strategy of the start of the year, Dafeng in the coastal areas of Jiangsu unique position and unique advantages, but also shoulder the glorious and arduous task, the next best, to forget the beginning of the heart, struggling to create a new high Jiangsu Sea Economic Zone rising, and make greater contribution to the construction of the beautiful beautiful Yancheng, dafeng.
    Adhere to the ecological priority, green development, tourism industry in the region vibrant. On the same day, the milu Town, which was jointly developed by the district government and the Yancheng City state investment group, was officially launched. The total investment of the project is 3 billion yuan, and it is planned to be completed and put into operation within three years. It will build a characteristic forest town featuring ecological tourism, health preservation, leisure vacation, sports competition, cultural heritage, animal research and popular science education. In his speech, Wang Rong pointed out that tourism is an important strategic emerging industry in our region, and has now become one of the pillar industries of Dafeng economy. Dafeng tourism has a good foundation and a bright future. The construction of elk town project is not only a response to the appeal of the provincial government, but also the need of mining and developing the unique advantages of dafeng. Wang Rong asked the next, especially the relevant departments and township should conscientiously implement the party's nineteen spirit, in accordance with the municipal government put forward the "industrial strong city" strategy, put forward according to the district government "project first" concept, earnestly carry forward the "waiter" spirit, to provide comprehensive, in abundance in the whole process of project quality service, make the project as early as early production. It is hoped that Yancheng City Investment Group will continue to concern and support the development of Dafeng, join hands and create a better tomorrow, and make a new contribution to the construction of a strong, rich, beautiful, high-tech, Yancheng and new dafeng.
    Guo Chao, stone, Luo, Luo Qiang, Dong Kun, Wei Yingsheng and other district leaders to participate in activities.