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Party Representative Returns with Honors

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    "The harvest is too much!" The world-renowned Chinese nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party concluded successfully. The evening of October 25th, nineteen representatives of the party, medium-sized town constant Kitamura party secretary Li Xiaoxia, shouldering the great trust of the party in the region, with 720 thousand of Dafeng people's expectations, in the successful completion of the task of the general assembly after the victorious return said so.
    "In a great era, I feel proud." During the conference, Li Xiaoxia earnestly perform their duties on behalf of, showing a good mental outlook. The nineteen "must learn the spirit of good implement." Off the plane, Li Xiaoxia suppressed excitement to. Turning to the future ideas, she said, will further strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations to land the two round after the contract expires to extend the decision to deploy thirty years, mobilize more young people to join the rural development of modern agriculture, the practice of ecological green development, bigger and stronger Fruit Tree Planting Industry Heng Kitamura, in the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country. The villagers to get rich, and work hard to build a well-off.
    From the airport until after the village north of constant size, Li Xiaoxia and village cadres sitting together, convey the spirit of the party's nineteen, participants talked about feeling. "In the party's nineteen big scene, listening to general secretary Xi Jinping's report, I was excited and excited, strongly feel the power of the development of Chinese. North Green Ecological Development constant province fully affirmed, in group discussions, as the delegation of Jiangsu Province, the only representative of rural, which is the constant Kitamura honor." Speaking of which, Li Xiaoxia is very excited. "The implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country, strengthen the construction of social security system, determined to win the battle, the construction of the beautiful China out of poverty......" She said, the party's nineteen pay more attention to rural development, constant North usher in a new development opportunities, we must cherish, work harder. To obtain more resources, new achievements in terms of civil construction, twinning, industrial cooperation, characteristics of countryside construction; to lead the party masses, enlarge the resources and industrial advantages, make concerted efforts, hard work, the industry bigger and stronger, build the beautiful countryside; to guide the villagers to emancipate the mind, update products, technology, new achievements increase in wealth. Hearing this, everyone nodded, the constant North's future is full of longing......