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District People’s Congress Initiate Visiting Masses Activity by taking the opportunities of Dealing with Motions and Proposals

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  "Please ask the district government and the relevant authorities to seriously handle the suggestions and suggestions made by the deputies during the meeting, and ensure that" big visits and major implementation "will be effective." In August 21st, the District People's Congress Standing Committee Director Fan Dayu in the people's Congress at all levels of the region "visit" in the collection of public opinion put forward 5 categories of 44 pieces of advice on the views assigned to instructions, a large number of inter sessional representatives suggested that the centralized assigned.
  To implement the provincial Party committee "visit" the decision to deploy, in March, the District People's Congress in the province took the lead in organizing the district town of the county people's Congress two deputies to carry out in-depth visits, boost the development of theme activities; in June, the city's active coordination peoples representative visit "deployment requirements, performance and people around" "theme, to deepen the people's congresses at all levels on behalf of the" visit "re mobilization, deployment, training.
  For several months, whether it is rainy, or hot summer, will stop the delegates "visits" in the footsteps of the region more than 1200 provinces in the town of four National People's Congress responded positively, at the grass-roots level of farmers, to the community, they enter into the business, they visit voters, engage in propaganda, advice, and do practical things true, between representatives and voters "lianxinqiao".
  "People elected me as the representative, I as a representative for the people", representatives of all levels keep their sacred mission, will perform their duties on behalf of throughout the whole process of "visit", which formed the unique "special interview", "special interview", promote the "visit" into "back to visit, visit the norm". The provincial people's Congress and the Zhong Hangen constant North Pear Farmers in pairs, meet next spring with agricultural experts and their products, on-site guidance, on-site training, improve the quality and solve the sale problem of pear farmers concerned; Yancheng City people's Congress Bian Yuye heart of five elderly, donated more than 3000 yuan for the purchase of summer grass Miaozhen elderly nursing home supplies, transfer love District People's Congress; Jin gansheng visited the enterprise formation of the research report, the birth of the government "and further support the real economy."...... For months, the delegates actively publicize the party's policy of enriching the people, listen to the voice of the masses, resolve social conflicts, helping poor people, to collect all kinds of opinions and reached more than 2000, involving transportation, infrastructure, social undertakings, livelihood security, agriculture and rural water conservancy, environmental protection and other aspects.
  In order to enhance the effectiveness of the relevant recommendations assigned by the District People's Congress, committee and relevant government departments to strengthen communication and docking, carefully combing summary, deception of audit shall be at district level processing, and ultimately the formation of 5 major categories of 44 representatives suggested that the District People's Congress leaders signed in to the government for.
  "On behalf of the proposal, it is a statutory function, and it is a statutory obligation to undertake the proposal of the representative.". The organizer should earnestly implement the responsibility for handling, strict procedures, and pay attention to communication, innovation management method, strengthen the organization and coordination, clear time node, a reply, respond to the concerns of the masses; the relevant agencies should strengthen supervision and supervision, pushing for the implementation of landing, to improve the level of Huimin to implement, and enhance the masses to get a sense of." Fan Dayu, director of the District People's Congress, made clear demands.