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Dead and Sick Animals Innocuous Treatment System Construction Nearly Completed

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  At present, our region fatality animal treatment system project basically completed the construction of processing center office building, plant construction projects completed, the water circuit three; ground hardening, green space completed; processing equipment is installed, transport vehicles to purchase a special seal; 12 Township harmless treatment points have been collected the construction is completed, all equipped with hardware and software in place to run. The project belongs to the people's office project and is scheduled for operation in late August.
  I district animal treatment by domestic advanced processing technology, integrated integrated processing automatic crushing, high temperature drying, solid-liquid separation, oil-water separation, drying and packing "process the use of electronic intelligence system, achieve the process smooth, closed transmission, thorough treatment, low pollution and high utilization rate of the target product and the full realization of automatic operation, effectively avoid the operator contact with the dead animal carcasses. At the same time, agriculture will be the implementation of the "user reporting, receiving station, town, field processing, supervision, district subsidy" six step method, processing center, each collection point to install video surveillance in harmless, install the GPS real-time positioning system in dead animal transport vehicles, to achieve harmless collection and processing range remote real-time monitoring, and build a solid defense for the quality and safety of animal products and public health safety