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64 College Students from Impoverished Families Get

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  On August 25th, 64 poor students were supported by the ceremony to support the poor college students in 2017. District Party Committee Standing Committee, publicity minister Shi Genmei participate in activities.
  District Party committee and district government from 2008 onwards organize "everyone join hands, love students, build harmony", care for poor students activities, to ensure that all students admitted to the university successfully entered the university campus and completed their studies. In the past 10 years, more than 800 units and individuals have participated in student activities in the region, and more than 2000 poor students have been supported. This year, a total of more than 60 party and government organs, social caring people and other activities to participate in caring for poor students.
  District leaders request that we should continue to carry forward the traditional virtues of helping the poor and helping the poor, and persevere in this love project. All relevant departments should further improve the long-term mechanism of student aid, better the good things, make more practical work, not let a family, a crowd fall behind, to ensure that students complete their studies successfully.