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City Sewage Ditch and River Dredging and Renovation Project moves forward rapidly

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  From this year on, our region closely around the "263" special action of flood control requirements, and actively organize city sewage river dredging project, efforts to improve the city water environment, create a good ecological water for production and life of residents.
  Through the "demolition, repair, cleaning, cutting, guiding, scene, supervision, management and other measures, 4 River, dredging river, two in two vertical half complex river, West River at 4 main rivers, rectification power supply north ditch, Changle River, red river, four north ditch, Chaoyang River, New Delhi the center of river 6, new (demolished, expanded) built village river pumping station, pumping station, West Hengtai river pumping station pumping stations of 8. As of now, the backbone of the river dredging project has been completed; black smelly river remediation dredging project completed, the completion of the river embankment 6026 meters, Hongxing sewage pipeline 4100 meters, the new center of the completion of the river revetment and retaining wall of 689 meters, 800 meters of sewage pipeline, power supply North ditch square pile has been completed, the reinforced concrete plate production has been completed, the Fourth North Ditch complete revetment 997 meters, 1057 meters to complete the Changle river revetment; red river pumping station, four North Ditch pumping station and Changle river pumping station has been completed 6 ac'tive water pump station project, Hengtai River Pumping Station under water project has been completed, completed the basic construction of power supply North Ditch pumping station, the new German Center River Pumping Station has been completed.