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Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Wan Jianmin Work Station located in HuaFeng Seed Industry Company

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  August 18th, Huafeng seed industry, Limited by Share Ltd, Chinese Academy of Engineering Wan Jianmin academician workstation inaugurated, and national hybrid rice seed production base construction project promotion activities held in my district. Vice president of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Academy of Engineering Wan Jianmin, municipal committee, party secretary Wang Rong, provincial Agriculture Commission deputy inspector Tang Mingzhen and district party secretary Chen Xiangzhen attended.
  Huafeng Seed Industry Co., Ltd. is an agricultural leading enterprise in our region. It mainly engages in the selection of new rice varieties, the "two miscellaneous" seeds, the production and sale of conventional rice, wheat and wheat, and the sale of high-quality rice. The company management in order to coordinate the construction of the core area of the national Jiangsu Yancheng national agricultural science and Technology Park, agricultural structure adjustment to the supply side oriented, with independent research and development and the commercial breeding as the main direction of development, the country has established a point observation 2 breeding bases and 11 varieties, and strive to build the domestic influential seed industry innovation. The Wan Jianmin academician workstation successfully settled, HuaFeng is an important achievement in seed production, study and Research on the coordinated development, is conducive to give full play to the resource advantage, and constantly improve the enterprise science and technology research and development capabilities, improve the economic efficiency of agriculture, to form a good demonstration effect in the aspects of enriching the focus.
  Academician Wan Jianmin is China's seed breeding research scholar, cloning and gene localization, has long been engaged in rice, made an important contribution to consolidate and enhance the core competitiveness of China's seed industry. He said that the establishment of academician workstation, because both sides have confidence in the development of the seed industry, strong strength, a good foundation. I hope that through cooperation, we can combine the development of seed industry, science and technology and industry, cultivate new seed market, and promote Huafeng seed industry to become bigger and stronger, and create a sample for the development of national seed industry.
  In the abundant period, Wan Jianmin also observed the Huafeng seed industry, Limited by Share Ltd hybrid rice seed research and production project construction site.