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Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau Relocated

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  August 17 to 22, the Council's No. 2 East Street happy relocation to the feeder road No. 100 East New District Fenghua Weihai International Commercial Affairs Building office, after the relocation of the original hall to stop foreign service. Since August 23rd, the office has been conducting a trial operation at its new site. The new hall area of 30 thousand square meters, the first floor for the convenience of the service supermarket, you can handle water, electricity, gas and other 139 convenience services, as well as project approval with a high degree of 30 intermediary services. The third floor for the administrative licensing act hall, set up a comprehensive consulting area, receiving area, area, investment and construction approval certification liaison office district, District, District 6 filing issuing approval, implementation package integrated examination and approval, to make the service more specific and more efficient. The four floor and the five floor are the public resources trading service hall. There are 5 Bid opening rooms, 5 standardized bid evaluation rooms, 1 bidders resting areas with 120 people, and strengthening self-service facilities to ensure the convenience and efficiency.