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Rural Area Transport Project of Caoyan Town applauded by The masses

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    Since this year, Cao Yan Zhen of the rural road upgrading project as an important starting point for Xing Zhen Fumin, widen the road has been completed nearly 30 kilometers, have opened 309 and 337 bus lines two towns and villages, the village village bus, to win public praise.
    The town to implement rural highway upgrading transformation project 18.34 km, 30 bridges, construction of ordinary rural highway 30 section 20 kilometers, plans to invest about 30000000 yuan of funds. Many times, the town and village cadres meeting, signed layers of responsibility, compaction responsibility, to achieve the town, village cooperation, departmental cooperation, joint operations. The town around the provincial "four good" rural highway to create a standard, according to the time node requirements, making the rural highway upgrading project progress plan and implementation plan, specific time, take the flipchart combat, forced period. Pay close attention to construction supervision and ensure the quality of the project. The 8 section of the town construction organization construction has been fully completed, and strive to the end of October.
    Friendly reminder
    In order to maintain the order of road traffic, our district will increase the illegal parking to investigate and punish. The punishment standard: to occupy pedestrian illegal parking 50 yuan punishment, the blind occupation of 200 yuan penalty, illegal parking on the road to the penalty of 100 yuan, down 3 points, severely hampers the traffic order off.
    Dafeng district Create Civilization City Command Office
    May 31, 2017