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Hotline 12345 warms masses’ hearts

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    Caoyan Town, No 4 group of villagers along the river village as a convenient map, the use of power plants landfill of bamboo harbor river, resulting in river water circulation, pollution of the environment, and affect farming. Villagers complained to the "12345" hotline, the town confirmed after the investigation reflects the truth, has instructed the other side to stop violations fill, when the return visit, the masses expressed satisfaction.
    The Education Bureau of the old dormitory area of public calls, said the dormitory toilet was closed, because not closed tightly, there are still some residents continue to use, because of a lack of management heavier odor. Education Bureau received help, immediately send people to clean the toilet, and then sealed the toilet with cement and bricks. It is understood that the dormitory area of old building is D level, education bureau is promoting the demolition of dilapidated buildings and approval procedures, will soon be demolished.
    The voice that hears; public opinion pieces into the heart. Open the 12345 year record of the hotline, from the people to the society for help from fuel management, policy advice to complaints, suggestions from personal interests to the work of the government...... A vivid and vivid example makes people realize the weight of "12345, something for the government". It is reported that in the first half of this year, the 12345 hotline handled a total of 66249 telephone calls, receive calls (letters) appeal 21460. In the first half, a total of 12345 of the province's online processing of work orders 42, Yancheng transferred to work 408 single, home care services to accept 10232 demands. Submitted to the district government leaders will do matters 8, focus on promoting the station unmanned management, qualification in commodity concrete mixing gas, Sea city house Poly Real estate management issues Auto City district. Jiangsu has received the "youth civilization", "advanced collective of Yancheng City women Gang civilization" and the title of the work of home care "service area of dafeng".
    The data speak, the facts speak more. This year, the "12345" service call around "each piece is implemented, everything has an echo" service tenet, always implement the demands of the masses as the first priority, to improve the satisfaction rate as the first standard, to grasp the hot, eliminating and breaking difficulties, sincerely help the masses to solve problems.
    In April, the villagers call reflect seed shop buy fertilizer quality problems in wheat growing well, after receiving complaints, the agricultural law enforcement brigade immediately went to the identification of the accident and the technical appraisal, and sampling inspection of compound fertilizer, the people expressed satisfaction with the department work efficiency.
    Some people reflect the Yellow Sea Road Street between people's road and the road is often dark, night meeting of automobile traffic line of sight is not clear, easily lead to accidents, there are security risks. It is suggested that the brightness of the street lamp be increased to ensure the safety of traffic. Urban Management Bureau street lamp management office after the scene view, and actively adopt the proposal, put forward the transformation plan.
    While important events are paid attention to, minor matters are placed in important positions.
    A citizen to the emergency center, the vehicle parked in the compound within two hours, the security charged 10 yuan parking fee, no price list, no receipt, and the parking has never paid the parking fee. Development and Reform Commission Price staff personally to the scene to deal with, that is illegal charges, criticism and education for the security, and refund 10 yuan parking fee.
    A public report on new Fengzhen five village a villager family enjoy the minimum living security treatment field, a child support, good living conditions. After receiving the response of the town, immediately verified, said that the situation is true, will be immediately surrender.
    People worried about the mechanism, all the "remember" by a string of numbers, a time dial. "The hotline, a kind of everything" do well ", completed the official and the folk" seamless "," 12345 "is a step by step into the hearts of the people.