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2 more China Famous Brands added in the brand list of Dafeng District

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    Recently, the author from the State Administration for Industry and commerce was informed that my area "dragon" and "harvest the earth" 2 trademark was identified as A Well-Known Trademark in China, this is my first District 2 trademarks were assessed at the same time A Well-Known Trademark in China. Up to now, there are 6 famous Chinese trademarks in our district, including Feng Shan, Hui Feng, Heng Xi and Dafeng port.
    In recent years, district market authority to actively promote the implementation of brand strategy, focusing on supply side reforms, increase the focus on new energy, wisdom, marine industry and other strategic emerging industry and tourism industry brand building efforts. Pay attention to the enterprise's guidance, through field visits, forum survey etc., seriously listen to the enterprise brand construction work for the opinions and suggestions, help enterprises to establish brand management system, develop brand development plan, strengthen the training of trademark. Efforts should be made to strengthen the management of trademarks, to make good use of trademarks and to safeguard rights and interests, and to make full efforts to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises. Cultivate a group of independent intellectual property rights and core technology, with strong market competitiveness of the brand, as of the end of May, the total number of registered trademarks reached 3500 pieces, of which A Well-Known Trademark in China 6, 23 provincial famous trademarks, Yancheng City famous trademark 79, national trademark 6.