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Dafeng Becomes First Batch Green Livestock Husbandry Development Demonstration County

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    Recently, the formal announcement of the Ministry of agriculture list of the first batch of green animal husbandry development demonstration county. Dafeng work of Yancheng City became the only list of county (city, district).
    In recent years, our region in the development of animal husbandry production at the same time, focus on the national and provincial and municipal general plan on strengthening the construction of ecological civilization, insist the national and provincial animal husbandry demonstration counties to create green development goals, the whole county system, promote the full range of livestock and poultry waste harmless treatment and resource utilization, the production of animal husbandry get the coordinated development and ecological environment protection. In the development of green agriculture vigorously organize the region's animal husbandry to create work, adhere to a high starting point, strict implementation of the requirements of scientific development, normal management, the animal husbandry production in accordance with the requirements of green ecological practice. In the successful removal of the province's first green animal husbandry development demonstration county distinction, the next sprint around the first batch of national animal husbandry demonstration county green development goals, find gaps, make a short board, to further enhance the overall level of green development of animal husbandry, the indicators are at the forefront of the whole country, the province.
    It is reported that the organization to carry out the creation of green animal husbandry development demonstration county selection work, the Ministry of agriculture is the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on strengthening the overall deployment of the construction of ecological civilization, the animal husbandry production of green ecological creation, accelerate the major measures to build sustainable development path of agriculture and animal husbandry, breeding with the cycle. The national animal husbandry green development demonstration county assessed in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture issued "green animal husbandry development demonstration counties to create the program of activities and assessment methods of the notice", by the provincial agriculture, animal husbandry and veterinary departments for review and acceptance, the Ministry of agriculture website publicity, decided by the Ministry of agriculture experts group selection. The first green animal development demonstration counties in the country, involving 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in 55 counties (cities, districts), Jiangsu Province, only my district and Donghai County list.