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Traffic Order Campaign being waged

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    Recently, District Public Security Bureau, District Urban Management Bureau, coordinated operations, strong regulation of traffic order, let the vehicle Luantingluanfang vehicles for pedestrians ran the phenomenon of effective remediation.
    District Traffic Police Brigade according to the different characteristics of urban roads, according to the classification scheme of the regulation, the focus of remediation Luantingluanfang, electric cars running red lights and other irregularities; on a blocked road extended duty time, increase penalties for illegally. District Administrative Bureau of law enforcement officers to further increase the frequency of inspections, found illegal parking, immediately issued a friendly reminder to the vehicle. At the same time, our region to intensify propaganda, through television, "Dafeng Dafeng daily" broadcast friendly reminder and sending SMS tips and other forms of the public for "rowing above the road teeth with yellow markings no parking no parking" and "motor vehicle shall not occupy the road teeth above the sidewalk and blind" awareness, and strive to create a orderly, civilized and normative order of the traffic environment.