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Jiangsu Dafeng(ShenZhen) Strategic Emerging Industry Investment Session Held

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    On May 26th, our district held a "2017 Jiangsu Dafeng (Shenzhen) strategic emerging industry investment conference" in Shenzhen, where 20 contracted projects were signed, with a total investment of 6 billion 399 million yuan. District mayor Song Yong speech at the meeting.
    At the meeting, Song Yong, on behalf of the district Party committee and the district government, welcomed and thanked the broad masses of businessmen and leaders from all walks of life who were invited to participate in the activities, and briefly introduced the economic and social development of dafeng. He said, Dafeng located at east of Jiangsu, near the Yellow Sea, with the Yellow Sea and Shanghai City, elk hometown "enclaves", the old revolutionary base areas, the longevity of the world, has built the first national advanced demonstration area for sustainable development, the first ecological demonstration area, health city, Garden City, science and technology advanced city. Song Yong said, "Dafeng" two word image appropriate, Yuyishenke, directly reflects the Dafeng City characteristics, "big" on behalf of large area, large space, is the largest city in Jiangsu District, covers an area of 3059 square kilometers, equivalent to Shenzhen, Hongkong and the area of cultivated land per capita, forefront of Jiangsu, 720 thousand people Dafeng magnanimous "Feng", all rivers run into sea; that is rich in resources, economic prosperity, has 112 kilometers of Gold Coast line, 1000 square kilometers, 5000 square kilometers of beach waters such as rare resources, per capita GDP, per capita general public budget income, industrial electricity consumption and other economic indicators in the first column of Jiangsu, the national economic competitiveness of the County hundred counties forty-fifth.
    Song Yong also introduced the cooperation between Dafeng and Shenzhen. He said that Shenzhen as a special economic zone, the most comprehensive strength Chinese the forefront of reform and opening up, brought together the most famous and influential global large group of large enterprises and top talent, is the largest domestic strategic emerging industry, the highest degree of agglomeration and technological innovation the most active city, is the world's leading UAV, flexible display technology. Dafeng has broad prospects for development, a good industrial base and a superior investment environment, is to undertake strategic emerging industries in Shenzhen spillover transfer of high-quality destinations. Song Yong said, Dafeng held investment seminars, mainly in order to fully display the Dafeng hopeful investment, but also look forward to further consolidate the friendship, enhance mutual trust, deepen cooperation in all the guests. Song Yong warmly invite customers to Dafeng visits, sightseeing, experience the hospitality of the real feelings of Dafeng, Dafeng beauty, beautiful water, beautiful environment, to create a more glorious and resplendent tomorrow.
    During the event, district leaders visited tekan holdings, MINDRAY and other strategic emerging industry enterprises, and met with some merchants. District leaders Luo Qiang, Dong Kun, Zhao Xiaoqing, Zhao Yuxia, Dong Yi participate in activities.