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Excellent County(District) of Green Yancheng Work Awarded to Dafeng District

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    On December 26, 2016, the people's Government of Yancheng City informed the 2016 annual Yancheng green construction assessment results, I won the Yancheng District green construction work outstanding county (District) title, and in the comprehensive advanced and rural greening work, urban greening, Easy Access construction of four individual awards in the list, the District Forestry Bureau, City Management Bureau was commended for the construction of green Yancheng outstanding unit.
    In 2016, our region to thoroughly implement the party's eighteen and the eighteen session of the fourth, fifth, the spirit of the six plenary session and the General Secretary Xi on the construction of forestry "important instructions on the four", accelerate the implementation of green development strategy, in order to implement the "Yancheng City green Ordinance" as an opportunity to increase the amount of green landscape, increase efficiency, for the center, continue to strengthen organizational leadership, scientific planning, key projects outstanding, intensify propaganda, strengthen promotion measures, carefully organized to carry out afforestation work, vigorously implement the coastal afforestation, urban greening, green park, Easy Access village green and other key projects, promoting green construction to achieve a rapid increase in Dafeng, green, landscaping the target of ecological environment, enhance landscape effect. The region completed a total of 15 thousand and 500 acres of afforestation plots, new and improved farmland shelterbelt afforestation 102 thousand and 800 acres, 1 million 76 thousand strains, the implementation of forest tending 15 thousand acres, the construction of the village green model village 12, Yancheng City accounted for 221.4%, issued a number of tasks 128.5%, 179.3%, 100% and 120%.