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Chengdong New District

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    The Planning Control Area of Chengdong New District is 20 square kilometers, the size of total planning land is 15.33 square kilometers, the planning population for the new district is 150 thousand. The initial zone is 6.5 square kilometers. Since the beginning of construction in may 2008, the roads, water supply, drainage, gas, telecom, power grid, green, lightening project of the initial zone have all been completed; Olympic center, Oriental wetland park, Xinfeng High School, Citizen Fitness Center, Oriental No.1 Innovative Industrial Park, Chengdong Experimental elementary school, Chengdong Experimental Kindergarten and etc. have been built and put to use; Major projects like Fenghua Business Tower, Baoda Hotel, Culture Exhibition Center, second phase of Oriental No.1 Innovative Industrial Park have all been advancing rapidly; City complex and city library are currently under construction; the sales of Talent Residence, Wangyuan Rhine Residence, Zhili Champs Elysees Residence and Hanlin Huafu Residence are all good; Oriental No.1 Impression Town Residence, Zhonghao Lakeside Family Residence, Shangri-la Residence and Xinghe Mingyuan Residence are under construction.
    In 2015, the focus of Chengdong New District will be Happy Lake area. The authority will accelerate the building of Culture Exhibition Center, Fenghua Business Tower, Baoda Hotel, Complex, Library and Museum around happy lake, the authority will improve and perfect the supporting facilities, try to blend city elements with industrial characters and accelerate the population gathering of the New District.